Can Garage Door Sensors Go Bad – Riverside

Can Garage Door Sensors Go Bad – Riverside

Can garage door sensors go bad? Yes they can. Over the time frame of the garage door motor being installed, many different things can happen to the garage door sensors. They can get hit by a trash can, kicked by a foot, water damage, internal malfunction, and so much more. Any garage door sensor malfunction, call Absolute Garage doors in Riverside, 951-343-2999. Garage Door Safety Sensors are installed to be sure the garage door does not close on anything or anyone. There is an invisible beam that is shot from the sender sensor to the receiving sensor. If that beam is interrupted, the garage door will not close.  This is to protect items, people, pets, and the garage door. The sensor beam tends to be 6 inches above the garage door floor. So anything higher like a tail gate, a broom handle, a chair, or anything else it may not see, it could close on it. Thankfully most garage door openers have sensitivity settings, and if it touches anything while closing it should retract. To be sure your garage door sensors and sensitivity settings are doing their part, call Absolute Garage Doors, Riverside, 951-343-2999.  We have professional experienced technicians ready to assist.


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“Our garage door motor would have a mind of its own. We could not figure out why some days it would work and other days it would not work. It seemed when we were in a rush, it would not work. When I was late for work, or the kids were late for school it would not close. The garage door would only close half way and then retract back up. It was a game. We were so done. We called Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside, 951-343-2999. They answered fast. I was able to speak to someone fast and she was familiar with our issue. She asked a couple questions to be sure they could repair and work on our motor. Next morning, which was a Saturday, they came out. Of course when they arrived, our garage door motor was working without any issues. The technician kept opening and closing it a couple times, and then it happened. He diagnosed and tried to trouble shoot it.  Turns out, our garage door sensors were bad. They were water damaged from our sprinklers in our flower bed right outside the garage door. It didn’t just happen overnight the tech explained to us. It seemed to happen over the course of years when our garage door would be open in the evenings, the sensors would get wet. I have washed out our garages with the hose plenty of times too, so I know that did not help.  He was able to replace the wire and the sensors right then and there. Price was reasonable. Tech also gave me a 10% off for military and senior discount because my Father – in –law lives with us. Super-fast and reliable. Tech arrived between window time, courteous, and professional. He recommend us change our sprinkler diameter, and he moved the garage door sensors a little more back. He made a special bracket so they were a few inches back to keep them safe and out of the water in case it happened again. We really appreciated his help and everything. Thank you Absolute Garage Doors!

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