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New Garage Door in Riverside

Need a new garage door? Upgrading your home is easy and affordable! Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside, 951-343-2999, can help you with a free over the phone quote today. We offer many different types of garage doors and options to go with a new garage door installation. Absolute Garage Doors knows everyone wants the best price for the best quality that they can get. We use a First United Door Technology Garage Door that is a great value for the money. Our garage door installations come with a one year warranty against any defect. First United Door Technology Garage Doors offers 10 years on door sections against defect (paint deterioration), and 2 years on all parts against defect. Customers can add glass on the top section of the garage door, can add insulation within the door (for weather), a new garage door opener, different colors, different styles, and more. Our goal is to get our customers exactly what they are searching for. We offer next day installations. Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside 951-343-2999 is available on Saturdays for installations. We do understand our customers are on a busy schedule and we will try and accommodate his or her schedule. Call today to get an over the phone quote for a new garage door or even a repair or service. We are here for you. 951-343-2999



Garage Door in Riverside


Featured Review/Testimonial:

Maria G. Riverside, CA

“We called Absolute Garage Doors to get an over the phone quote for a new garage door. We did our research because our budget was low but needed an upgrade as soon as we could. We called them on Saturday to give us pricing and to see our options. They told me over the phone the best way to get a really good idea of cost and what would have to be done without an estimate fee, would be to submit pictures and measure our garage door opening. I emailed a couple pictures and within 30 minutes I got a call back. She asked me what we wanted with the door and I said the bare minimum, no glass and no garage door motor (if we could use the same garage door opener). There was a fee to reinstall our opener to the correct height (a little higher than where it was for new sectional door to work with it) and that was it. They gave us color options and style pattern option. We decided and place the order. By that following Monday afternoon our new garage door was installed. I liked that they were willing to help us over the phone and through email and told us everything up front. There was no surprises or upsets.  They took about 4 hours from start to finish and took the time to explain everything we needed to know. We are so happy. We love our new door and loved that we were able to save money. The new garage door did not go over budget and the entire experience with Absolute Garage Doors was amazing.  Thanks Absolute Garage Doors! We definitely will recommend them to everyone”

Can Garage Door Sensors Go Bad – Riverside

Can Garage Door Sensors Go Bad – Riverside

Can garage door sensors go bad? Yes they can. Over the time frame of the garage door motor being installed, many different things can happen to the garage door sensors. They can get hit by a trash can, kicked by a foot, water damage, internal malfunction, and so much more. Any garage door sensor malfunction, call Absolute Garage doors in Riverside, 951-343-2999. Garage Door Safety Sensors are installed to be sure the garage door does not close on anything or anyone. There is an invisible beam that is shot from the sender sensor to the receiving sensor. If that beam is interrupted, the garage door will not close.  This is to protect items, people, pets, and the garage door. The sensor beam tends to be 6 inches above the garage door floor. So anything higher like a tail gate, a broom handle, a chair, or anything else it may not see, it could close on it. Thankfully most garage door openers have sensitivity settings, and if it touches anything while closing it should retract. To be sure your garage door sensors and sensitivity settings are doing their part, call Absolute Garage Doors, Riverside, 951-343-2999.  We have professional experienced technicians ready to assist.


bad sensors for garage door


“Our garage door motor would have a mind of its own. We could not figure out why some days it would work and other days it would not work. It seemed when we were in a rush, it would not work. When I was late for work, or the kids were late for school it would not close. The garage door would only close half way and then retract back up. It was a game. We were so done. We called Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside, 951-343-2999. They answered fast. I was able to speak to someone fast and she was familiar with our issue. She asked a couple questions to be sure they could repair and work on our motor. Next morning, which was a Saturday, they came out. Of course when they arrived, our garage door motor was working without any issues. The technician kept opening and closing it a couple times, and then it happened. He diagnosed and tried to trouble shoot it.  Turns out, our garage door sensors were bad. They were water damaged from our sprinklers in our flower bed right outside the garage door. It didn’t just happen overnight the tech explained to us. It seemed to happen over the course of years when our garage door would be open in the evenings, the sensors would get wet. I have washed out our garages with the hose plenty of times too, so I know that did not help.  He was able to replace the wire and the sensors right then and there. Price was reasonable. Tech also gave me a 10% off for military and senior discount because my Father – in –law lives with us. Super-fast and reliable. Tech arrived between window time, courteous, and professional. He recommend us change our sprinkler diameter, and he moved the garage door sensors a little more back. He made a special bracket so they were a few inches back to keep them safe and out of the water in case it happened again. We really appreciated his help and everything. Thank you Absolute Garage Doors!

Garage Door Spring - Riverside

Garage Door Spring Repair – Riverside

Garage Door Spring Repair

Springs are the most common repair that we work on here at Absolute Garage Doors. You can rest assure that our trained technicians will come out and make your garage door like new again. Just because one spring needs to be replaced, or repaired does not mean that you need a whole new garage door. Just give us a call at (951) 343-2999 and we will have our team give you some information on how to go about your fix.

Convenience we work on your schedule:

  • Same Day Service (In most scenarios)
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Phone calls answered 24 hours a day by a live operator
  • Evening and weekend appointments available
  • Credit Cards Accepted
  • Proudly Serving Southern California

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Featured Review/Testimonial:

Matt T. Riverside, CA

“We had OLD swing out doors that were terrible and falling apart. We thought getting new doors would be a huge expensive job so we kept putting it off. Finally we saved up enough for our remodel and we found Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside and they gave us a quote and all the info we needed upfront. We measured our sizes and gave them what we wanted. Color, pattern, Windows etc. Absolute Garage Doors gave us a price that seemed more reasonable and we wanted to be 100% sure. The owner of Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside came out to write up the contract with us. The price they gave us over the phone, was the same price when he came out. They didn’t try and sell us anything. They were so polite and professional. We knew it was going to take a few weeks for the doors to come in, but that was okay!

We love our doors. A great way to start off on our remodel! Thank you Absolute!!”

Garage Door Riverside