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Steel Back doors

Absolute garage doors provides professional service in new garage doors and repairs at reasonable prices.

Specifications: Steel sections are a full 2 thick and are manufactured from 25 gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel on the face skin and 26 gauge steel on the backskin in 21- and 18- inch heights. Both of the steel skins are pre-painted white or almond with a ten coat rust protection system and rotary embossed with wood grain texture. Bottom sections are fitted with a full-length reinforced aluminum bottom retainer that is mechanically fastened and bonded to the section with structural adhesive for added strength, and it supports a replaceable UV protected grooved weather seal for further weather protection.

Hardware: Hinges are the commercial wide body design in 14 and 16 gauge galvanized steel. Rollers are black pre-lubricated nylon, torsion springs are pre-coated with corrosion resistant coating, fasteners are self-locking, and the torsion tubes are galvanized.

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