Garage Door with Damaged Panel in Riverside

Garage Door with Damaged Panel in Riverside

A Garage Door with Damaged Panel in Riverside needs to be repaired as soon as possible. A garage door that has been hit and damaged can do some long term damage if it is not taken care of soon after. Every time a garage door opens and closes that has been hit or dented does more and more damage. A small minor dent on the garage door will lead to a small crack. It then starts to domino effect The small crack on the garage door gets much larger and puts stress in that area. It starts to bow the door every time it is opened and closed. The large crack will now spread to another section and put more stress and weight on that area.

How to Prevent further damage:

If a garage door panel is to get hit or damaged, it is best to have a garage door brace installed to prevent further damage.

Featured Review/Testimonial:

Becc, T. Riverside, CA

“Our car hit our garage door about a year ago. It just came off the tracks. We were able to get it back on and in working condition. The garage door was working fine, opening and closing. Overtime we saw there was a crack and the door and the garage door would pop and bow when it would open and shut. We finally had a garage door company come out and take a look at the garage door and the damage. The damage effected 3 panels on the garage door. We weren’t aware that the garage door would be that bad since it was working for almost a year. Absolute Garage Doors in Riverside gave us our options on either replacing the garage door or repairing it. A new garage door was installed the next day.”

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